Have you noticed that at this time of the year we all embrace the shadows, the unexplained and look for what goes BUMP in the night?

Ever wonder why you happen to just KNOW things? Maybe you feel the presence of someone or thought you heard your name. You’re not crazy or loosing it, as some would say but your truest form of magic is awakening. This happens for everyone around this time because the veil between our world and the spirit world thins as we get closer to Samhain AKA Halloween for my muggles out there. As the veil thins our intuition naturally gets stronger, clearer and precise. Thus making October one of the most magical times of the year. Now is the time to say hello (or embrace it,  witches) your intuition. What is Intuition you ask? To simply explain, your inner knowledge and gut feeling. Webster Dictionary defines intuition as a quick and ready insight. A natural ability or power that makes it possible to know something without any proof or evidence.

We are more open to scares and chills during this time, including seeking out the infamous fortuneteller and being pulled towards the unexplained arts. With magic floating all around us and growing each day we want to know more. Reaching out to the woo woo is a usual activity. Tapping into ones intuition brings a foresight into your world. Your senses are heightened and you are open to the unexplained. Magic can truly happen and insight will be received. During this time we tend to start gathering with our friends more and enjoying the thrills of the time. Maybe you already sling cards or cast runes with your circle. Encouraging the unknown and unexplained to come through. There’s no doubt about it Halloween is a time of connection and exploration.

October is the season of Scorpio. This is an intuitive and mysterious sign of the Zodiac.

We all have a Scorpio in our lives that makes the mysterious and unknown more inviting. Being a Scorpio sun, I feel the pull to the darker sides of things, the unknown and love to use my intuitive drive to discover new things about myself and others. There is wisdom and light in the darkness, a shadow self waiting to transform. Are curious how you can have more of this energy in your life? I actually have a makeup lesson designed to help everyone embrace and harness the Scorpio within. Go ahead join the mysterious side, you know you wanna.

As an intuitive reader myself I have learned how to listen to my Intuition. Halloween is such a beautiful time when you are open to receive. With so much insight available and barriers dissolving the amount of information that is accessed and downloaded is more accurate and filled with informative details. We are all intuitive beings. I firmly believe that, only some of us are more in tune and connected. You too can tune in to your own intuition (but that’s for another blog). For myself my intuition comes through as thoughts and words in my mind. I also use tools such as tarot cards and pendulums to tap into my sixth sense with more clarity. There is just something magical about watching a pendulum pick up on my energy and swing or circle divining an answer. When the cards come out and say things only my client knows to be true. That’s the wonder and excitement of being an intuitive reader. Are you curious yet?

October brings forth a stronger intuition for everyone. It shows up as an ability to fully receive messages.

Knowledge overflows with answers to the unknown and desired. Working with an intuitive reader will give you inner reflections and outer ideas. Much more information is at the ready for download and sharing. Now we can’t give you the winning lottery numbers nor tell you the name of Mr. Right. We will certainly help you discover your self-limiting beliefs, how to be more open to find your soul mate and what is blocking you from your dreams becoming a reality. This October connect with a seasoned intuitive reader to discover what you need to know. Life is a mystery but not so much with an intuitive reader by your side. Book a reading with me today. Yes Intuitive readers work all year around but it is at this time we are fully in tune and open. Grab your friends and let’s discover what is in the dark.